I knew divorce would not be easy and living alone would be a change, but I had no idea how shut out my ex has treated me.

The most hurtful of this all is the nieces and nephews on his side that I new since they were born have been shut out of my life.

I have tried to reach out but to no avail my hopes have been shattered as has my heart.

Lord I ask that you help mends heart and not allow me to become bitter.
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Did he or you ask for divorce? I'm thinking of asking my wife.

I did

I'm afraid of mine going sour also after I'm gone and she starts thinking about it. I want to remain family on a way since I still care about her. Just don't want to be married anymore.

It's hard i won't lie but my happiness meant everything

I feel the same way. Hate to hurt her but I'm miserable

Thanks for answering. I hope your situation gets better. Good night


Your welcome

How long were you married?0


That's tuff. Mine is 41

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Man that is harsh. I hope it eases a lot soon