So Many Things Do Not Add Up.

Drew Peterson submits a hand written will signed by him and Kathleen saying that her sole estate is to go to her surviving spouse.  There is an executor of the will. 

Number 1:  He got all of her estate although he was no longer her spouse.  They had been divorced before hand. 

Number 2:  Executor is Drew Peterson's uncle. 

Number 3:  Kathleen had told people about his abusiveness.  He is saying that is hearsay evidence.  Yet, Stacy Peterson goes to her pastor and tells him the same thing that Drew was abusive to Kathleen and also that he told Stacy that he killed Kathleen. 

Number 4:  And this is the one thing that really gets me.  Drew had a fiance.  They even had a wedding date set.  How do you become engaged and set a wedding date when you have not even filed for a divorce from the present wife, Stacey.  It seems odd that he has not tried to file for a divorce and yet if she ran away, he has to post something for a month and then it takes at least 6 months for the divorce to be final when there are children.  Yet the original wedding date was set before this time period was up.  So does that mean he is adding bigamy to this too?  Now of course, if he killed Stacey he knows that he can get married and not have to worry about it.  Yet I have seen no comments about his engagement vs he is still a married man.  He could have filed on the 31st day on desertion  if she had just gone and left him. 

I think in the end, we will find him guilty on both deaths of his wives.  Let's hope so and he gets what is deserving of him. 

windyangel windyangel
61-65, F
Feb 15, 2010