Addictive Nature

I believe I have one of those pesonalities that makes me weak to addictions.  I'm glad I never tried crack, heroin or meth because cigarettes are tough enough to kick.  I can't even imagine being addicted to something as tough as heroine.

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I think everybody's addicted to something (socially acceptable or not) everyone has addiction!

I appreciate how blunt you are! hahahahaha You wouldn't want to end in the joint! ROFLMAO

I agree , it's better to never start..<br />
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I have not smoked or even drink LOL .. I'm a old fashion and keep high standards! just a flirt haha..

everything is good in moderation. I know how it feels to withdraw from something you enjoy...(sometimes too much)

I used to be addicted to weightlifting but I've managed to kick it :) , I'm missing it now

You're quite wise to not start the cigarette smoking. I'm definately hooked on the internet forums/networks. <br />
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How many would you say you belong to?

I have that personality as well, so I am really careful what I do, because I don't want to end up addicted to something that is going to ruin my life and the lives of those around me.<br />
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I've even managed to stay clear of cigarettes...thank goodness, cause seriously, I couldn't afford least my internet forum addictions are "free"