I Was Thinking About This Awhile Ago..

I'm very glad im not there. i hate to be confined. I hate to be molded into a situation or a image of something that i don't like. Everywhere I looked, clicks were formed...it was too loud and to..it was basically organized chaos. Nobody liked the next person and everybody talked about everybody but also talked TO everybody. Just a bunch of bullshit. Wear cheap shoes ur talked about, don't fit it, you're talked about...don't attend social event's it's like you're basically a alien cause everbody else did it. It was just 4 years of bullshit. From the people to the classes. In college/the real worl..who cares? Who cares if you're a loner..who cares if you don't attend social events..who care what u drive. Now unless you run with snotty stuck up pple then sure, you'll be constantly live in that "hs mentality"..but thank God, there is LIFE after HS.
lostprophet lostprophet
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1 Response Dec 12, 2010

What you said girlfriend! I got into lots of fights and other trouble in high school and finally dropped out. Finally got my GED and am attending community college and doing ok but I HATED Jr. high and high school, the people, teachers, the whole deal. Also haunted by the past but have come to realize that, at least, the good things that happened are helping me now. I hope you get found lost prophet, I've felt lost most of my life and don't think I'm found yet but I'm on the way! Keep up the hard work!