I Hated High School

  OMG it was awlful. I was not popular, my family was not wealthy by no means that there was enough to make it miserable. Kids are mean! The meanest people in the world. If you are "differant" or don't dress in the same style THEY do. Then your life is hell in school. If your smart and make strait A's you're a nerd. If you struggle to make a "C" then your stupid.
   When your young and made fun of or out-cast for so long you eventually believe what people have said.
  Now that I look back and see pictures of myself. I was nothing like the kids had teased. I made good grades, I had nice clothes , and I was NOT fat . ( I was a skinny little tooth pick either ) 
   The only part of High School that I liked was being in choir and going to competitions.

I just hope and pray that MY daughter don't go through the BS I did. If I ever hear her treating others in that fashion, LORD help her.
Being picked on and made fun of is what makes you want to quit school.

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1 Response Mar 12, 2008