A Nightmare!

I was the nerd... not surprising. But somehow, I was the lowest nerd around. The bullies picked on me first, before they bothered the other nerds... and the other nerds often stood up for me, from time to time, yet they refused to hang out with me. Because I was too nerdy, even for them. But I was glad they were at least nice enough to help me out, at least. :-/

The harassment I went through... The popular girls would pretend to be my friend, learn my secrets (a crush on a guy and such), and then spread it around the school. And then laugh at me in the halls and say, "did you really think we wanted to be your friend?" They would pour water in my seat and hope I would sit in it. Or a tack! That's why to this day, I look before I sit. And no one would sit next to me in the cafeteria. Just sit at the next table and make fun of me and how I ate. Also, again... this is why I have trouble eating in public.

I've been beat up a lot of times, called brutal names (which I won't repeat here), and stuffed in a closet. And these were mostly girls who had hated me!

So, you couldn't pay me to take a second chance at High School! :-o

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1 Response Nov 1, 2008

I was the serf in high school; easy pickings for whoever wanted to treat me bad and get away with it. Stuff could happen in the classroom and the teacher wouldn't do anything about it. I hear you about how things done to you growing up can pass on as you get older (still can feel really bad if put down to this day).