Worst 4 Years of My Life

I hated high school. I went to a small school where everyone knew everybody and if you weren't friends with the right people, the others would make it hell. Everything was so petty. Even the teachers seemed to hold grudges.

When I hear people say "I miss high school" I think they're crazy. I suppose some people could have had a nice high school experience...that just wasn't me.

As for college...I would do college all over again. *sigh* I miss college.

the4thfury the4thfury
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5 Responses Aug 16, 2007

I, like you, went to a very small school. My graduating class had 32 students in it. My issue with high school was that my family was forced to move, leaving all of my friends behind, and just showing up at this other school with nobody. I tried to make friends, but I was never accepted as a student there amongst the others, I was bullied constantly, to the point that I would regularly make myself sick so I didn't have to go. I am SOSO gad I am done with that, and that I have it in my past.

i started my schooling in a large setting then a move to a tiny town-school setting. guess what? they both sucked equally!

I've got to agree with you. I went to a small school too and everyone was in everyone else's business all of the time.

I knew most of the people in my grade from kindergarten and I knew the older brothers and sisters of some of the people in the lower grades.

I went to a small high school too. I feel ya.