Thank You Friend!

You constantly epitomize the definition of friendship.

I can't recall a single time I have not seen you offering a hand of friendship to anyone whether they seek to bite it off or not.

This is not to say you are not fierce and protective as I know this is carefully stowed away in it's proper compartment inside you, only to be used when all other measures of reason fail.

I am glad we circled up because frankly there are not enough souls like yourself in this terribly distraught but nonetheless beautiful world we share and so when I have occasion to meet such a rarity, it is I who is left humbled and grateful to call you friend.

I love you and nobody can prove otherwise :)

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2 Responses May 13, 2011

Chronimax!! is so right Plaid, in his wonderful tribute to you! :) I to am humbled, honoured and proud to be able to say!!!, Plaid is my Ep friend! :) <br />
Chronimax! thank you so much my friend for sharing your post! :)

*blushing* I'm kind of speechless here, all I can think to say is thank you, Chroni.