I had a rough nite last nite...a very personal event upset me no end.  In spite of his own rough nite, MMX2 talked to me for a good hour..patiently listening while I spilled my guts ,; and wallowed in self pity...and empathized with me.  I came away from the conversation much calmer, and with more hope than I had at the beginning of the convo.  On most topics, we are extremely similar..almost like twins.  Thanks, ya, baby!!!!!



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Any news on what happened to MosaicManX2? Is he no longer on EP? He was such a great friend but when I came back from hiatus, he had disappeared!

Nor I , you, sweety!!! And , yes...we are so very much alike...we DO understand each other...and I love you, too.....

Thank you, Tiger...MMX2 deserves the praise.....

It is said that friend in need is a friend indeed...but the best friends are those who put their own issues aside and give you the time you need when you really need a friend. I commend and sdmire you for being such a good and compassionate friend to my tgrsldy! Thank you - from my heart!