I Am So Grateful.......

for the life that I have now. I found my husband at 42 years old and he is everything I ever wanted. We don't fight or argue. He is very loving and gentle with me. He accepts me as I am and loves all parts of me. He is my best friend and confident. We share a very loving and laughter filled life with my parents, my daughter and my granddaughter.

My daughter has been my life since she was born 29 years ago. We have an extra close relationship and are best friends now that she is an adult. We share our lives and experiences with each other and enjoy each others company at least 2 days a week. I am so proud of the woman she has become and the mother that she is. She has never disappointed me or broke my heart. She is strong, courageous and authentic. She is also the most loving and kind hearted person I know.

My granddaughter is 6 and beautiful. She is smart and funny and does very well in school. She is already learning martial arts and knows how to defend herself. She is also already a talented artist, showing a real bent towards drawing and painting. She's active, healthy and sweet. She reads above her grade level and is very good at math.She loves me and loves being with my husband and me.

My Mom and stepdad are a big part of our lives. I had a lot of problems with them when I was young. And some when I was older. In the last 5 years, our relationship has gotten better and we all really enjoy each other now. I see my mom at least 2 times a week. We enjoy playing board games together, especialy Backgammon. She has a lovely yard that we all enjoy.

I love all the people in my life and the way my life moves. I have a job that helps pay the bills and that I am good at. People at work seem to like me and I like them. I get to work part time and that is good for me right now as I need to be at home more now than when I was younger.

I have 3 cats that I love to death and that love all the people in our family.

We enjoy low key living like watching movies, swimming, playing games, and talking. We go to places like the park, aquariums and kyacking. We also love picnics, kite flying and long walks. I plant veggies every year and we enjoy eating what I grow.

My husband and I both have hobbies that we love.

I am also grateful for warm blankets at night and a decent bed. A home that keeps out the cold and rain and excessive heat. Enough food to eat and fresh air to breathe. Our medications that make life easier and that we can still afford. The clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet. The animals of the world that make it a great planet and the trees that make our air for us. I am grateful for the insects that cross pollenate our plants and dung beetles that keep us from being up to our neck in Elephant poop. The moon for it's light and mysteries and the sun for it's life giving warmth.

I am grateful for my life, positive and negative, light and dark. All is in balance and I am happy.

Artisina Artisina
46-50, F
2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Thanks for the comments. I try to live my life in a very balanced way. My life used to be choas. Once I figured out my part in the choas, I was able to stop it. Even when things are not the greatest, I look for the positive in what I do have. Life is never all easy or all hard. Being grateful just makes things a bit easier.

Your view on life is very heartwarming, positive and inspiring. Sounds like the perfect low-key life :) I can really understand why you're grateful and I love how you appreciate everything from your grand daughter to dung beetles :P Your story made me even happier than I was already. Thanks for sharing. I wish you and your family all the best. And the best for your cats and dung beetles and all the rest. Peace.