I'm trying to be emotional on the website and get someone to talk to me about my feelings but you dirty pervs out there are messaging me trying to get me to measure your weewee's. It's sick. You guys should be arrested.
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Ur so silly!
Most men are simply like that. Deal w/ it & suck it up. This s Earth not Mars

She's a child, READ her story before you comment. She's come here for consolation, what is wrong with you head strong and uncaring, wtf.

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I want to talk but we don't have much time on here!!

I understand completely. I wish i was on here sooner to talk with you. Yes some men on here have real issues. Really sick. I know. Ignore them. Search out the right people, don't send them pics, it's your perogative :)

I know not to send pics, that's gotta be about the stupidest thing ever. I get excited when I get a message hoping someone reads my experiences but it's just some 50 year old trying to mess around with girls.

I'm not that young, i get them all ages... very discusting it makes me feel very annoyed. I can not begin to tell u. and you know that they are completely dysfunctional pervs trying to see if your an idiot. That's the only thing I've hated about being on here. Less than sincere people OMG.

A lot of them are old women pretending to be old men pretending to be young girls. It's sick, isn't it?

Yep... way too much of that... i can only apologise that you have to put up with the utter slime that get here sometimes..tell them straight you dont appreciate what they are doing

I tell them and it makes me sick to my stomach what most of them say. I always wonder who's on the other side and why they do what they do.

sadly many of them truly believe that young women like it.... there are some who say they are your age on here who come over really really up for it sexual.. and pervs see that, not realising those profiles are probably fake and then start to treat all young women as if they owe them sexual favours

I agree with you, I see your point. It makes me feel like they think that's all women want and it's not. Like they treat us girls like we were only created for sexual pleasure. We are more than that.

they don't think "young women" like it. they think all women like it, i hated it when i was really young and it's progressed to younger boys... idiots of all regions, colors and backgrounds. I feel sorry them and whomever raised their sick personalities.

Report them.

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