President Barack Obama is a Class Act ~


I know I was not alone in celebrating that fateful November day in 2008.
I voted for Barack Obama then and I fully intend to do it again in 2012.
I made donations to his campaign and I continue to contribute when asked.

So, YES, I am!! I was proud of my president on that day and I am even more proud of him today.
Despite all of the attempts to thwart his agenda, disrespect his political office
and the constant barrage of senseless vitriol from the right, the man has remained true to himself.

He has been calm, cool and collected throughout everything.
We finally have an intelligent, compassionate, couragious man as our President.
I promise that I will support and honor President Barack Obama until my last breath.


OnlyOneChiquita OnlyOneChiquita
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5 Responses Jan 13, 2011

Well you are not the only one these days so just the hell on the ban wagon .

Keith, <br />
<br />
He didn't bring all the troops home at one time, because that would have created nothing short of chaos and complete havoc in t he region. When Big" Dubya" Bush decided to invade another country, he made us RESPONSIBLE for picking up the destruction left in our wake. <br />
<br />
You are blaming Obama for Bush's mistake. I have to laugh when people do that. <br />
<br />
Specifically, what is wrong with making healthcare more affordable? Holding the insurance companies responsible for their thievery? You are just repeating something that you've heard some other uninformed person say. I am very disappointed in you.

You are intitled to the way you feel I have to dis agree about the job he has done . Ijust can't balieve the way he said that all our troops would be home by now..He did try to bring some back, but once they got home he turned around and sent twice the amount right back.. Plus there are things that I do not agree with. Like health care that he says we have to have but no jobs to pay for it.I may not know every thing but I feel he could do better .

He can count on us, huh, Shep? "Don't worry, Mr. President, We got your back!!!" *smiles*

I concur.<br />
<br />
He was at his best with his last speech. He brings us together as humans. His words were heartfelt and straight forward. I think he's quite a man!