He's Not Actually My President

I live in the Netherlands. But I clearly remember the disgust I always felt towards George Bush and where he led America. He did not seem to realize the affection the US have on the rest of the world. Obama seems purer, wiser, more honest, peaceloving, and more optimistic than Bush. If there is anything left to be saved, there's a good chance he will.

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5 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I reallyl like OBAMA , but not as my president.

I agree with the first comment I saw: If there is anything left to save, there is a chance he will...

First - to criticize our president is anathema to me<br />
I disagree with lots of Obama's policies<br />
Yet - The American people have spoken ( just as they spoke when George Bush was elected)<br />
I will support my president (Barack Obama, POTUS)m just as I supported all others.<br />
If you criticize the American president, you criticize those who elected him.<br />
I will support my government, no matter what others say.

I hope you were talking about Obama....Not being a God....<br />
<br />
Hello Speechless.....Long time no hear...

At the reate he is going....We will be the comunist country.....and they our rich could smoke their Cuban cigars......