Finally a Good Man

I know to a lot of ppl finding the one and being in love and happy doesn't mean much but to me it means a lot. I have had a lot of bad luck with guys through the years and prayed for the Lord to send me a man worth giving my love to and would love me just as much as I love him. I never got physically abused but I got psychological damage from bad relationships.
Loving someone more then they love you and doing so much for that person but have them take it for granted.
Falling for a thug that ended up getting locked up on me after we were together for 2 yrs. I was doing things I had no business doing things that could of got me locked up to (all for him).
Getting involved with a guy I thought was better then the last 2 and having him just up and vamp on me without saying a word when times got hard for him instead of talking to me and letting me help he just went out of town one day and never came back never called or anything.
It made me think something was wrong with me and at times made me wonder if I was supposed to be a alone and confused.
About a year ago I met a guy that was so nice so patient just everything I prayed for in a man. and I was difficult on him thinking it was to good to be true that he would disappoint me as well  but he never did. He is such a great guy I thank the Lord everyday for him. Finally someone who loves me as a whole Mind, body , heart, and sole. I'm so in love with him it's hard to explain. Finally a Good Man to call my Own.

I hope everyone who prays for love finds it especially those who have had rough times in the relationship category, cause it is the greatest feeling in the world. Just dealing with so many bad relationships has made me stronger and even though at times I was ready to give up I prayed that one day it would all be different and I never stopped praying.
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1 Response Jul 5, 2007

Its sounds like you finally found a really great guy.