Bush Should Be Held Accountable!!

Isn't it amazing that Bush could be so wreckless with lives, money, and power and then head off to Texas - totally oblivious?!  No accountability! 

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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

And will we hold MAO-Bama accountable for doing more damage in 2 years than Bush could ever do in 8? Oh, thats right- in America, only Republicans are held accoutable. Democraps get protected, defended, covered for, and re-elected. ( re Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangle, Barney Frank, etc)

That happens more than you know. Jane Fonda was directly responsible for the death of three soldiers. Yet she was on TV with barber walters as one of the most important people in 100 years.Let's not for get ole bill for opening up the borders and costing the american people millions of jobs. To me that is being a traitor as well. What about all those in congress and the senate that ok'd what bush wanted to do. But yet the only one that catches the blame is bush. No I am not a fan of bush or clinton or obahma. Lets hold the American people that voted for him accountible as well. They Voted him in twice. Not defending him. Bush had more on his plate than any president in the past hundred years. Where do you want to start with placeing blame. Where do you start with holding people accountible. It is a much bigger picture than you think.

Yes, Bush should be held accountable along with everyone in his administration and everyone on Capital Hill who were complicit while they committed all of the terrible crimes against humanity and looting the treasury. Yes, Bush was BAD. He was bad for our country and he was bad for the world! Now our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay for all that has happened these past 8 years!

Bush wasn't so bad, but yeah he did do some pretty stupid stuff. i have to say though, anyone who would ever want to be pres of the USA is totally out of their mind. anyone second that?

To be fair to President bush..... and all Presidents past and future .When one holds the highest office as leader of the free world accountability after two terms would be tantamount to an insult to the very office of president.