That Is An Understatement

The Bush years were the most terrible years in US history. Record deficits, War, death and crimes against humanity. 

I can't believe people are railing about Obama's cabinet being "recycled" from the Clinton Administration.  Those were the most prosperous 8 years of my life and our country had a fiscal surplus. 

On the other hand, the Bush adminstration had all of those Cold War relics like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, You name them, they were throw backs from the the Nixon Adminstration and every freaking republican regime afterwards! Talk about recycling.  Those had to be the greediest people on the planet. They lined their pockets and the pockets of the cronies, raided our treasury and ruined our country and it's good standing in the world. Not to mention the crimes against humanity they committed and have gotten away scott free, no thanks to the democratic leadership in the house and senate.  I hope Bush suffers in his own private hell for the rest of his days.

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Great subject change, Puck.......... I didn't get to watch the game, but I read some people in Tucson got an eyeful though! Hahaha.

So how about those Pittsburg Stealers! Huh?

Go - Jojo - GO! I'm with ya!

I'm angry at the shape they our country in after the last 8 years. I don't need help, but our poor country sure does!<br />
I'll take off my rose colored glasses when you take off your blinders...........Talk about credibility, learn proper punctuation.

Oh noooooooo! Here she comes! Hi quaz!

Hallefreakinlujah Sister! Great story. Anyone who isn't angry at the crimes against humanity committed by that entire atrocious administration has been sleeping. You rock Jojo. do not know your American history at all.<br />
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Take off your liberal, rose color glasses and see the light. It also, would help your credibility if you learned to spell correctly.<br />
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You are one angry person...I hope you are seeking professional help.

JoJo ,GWB was not the perfect president. That's for sure. I've noted that you don't hold republicans in high esteem. You want to see what big government, and high taxes are going to do for this country? Well now you'll have your chance. You are only saying what you've been taught and what you might have taught yourself. That's understandable. We all do that. However it is refered to as an" admistration", rather than a "regime", whether run by democrats, or republicans. Also when people go so far on the defensive as to use words like "crap" and "blathering", it shows that your argument is losing its structure, and you're trying to compensate by being condescending.<br />
Also, everything Churchill said made a good deal of sense.

Puck, just because Churchill said it doesn't mean it makes any sense. I can parrot many things that prominent people said that don't make sense, Including everything GWB EVER said!<br />
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Grits,<br />
I am an avid reader. I read history and not just what I was taught in school and college. Nearly every thing I read is non fiction, unlike the crap that you're blathering. I live near Warm Springs and the first experiment with rural electrification. It worked and it worked well! FDR was brilliant with his idea of The New Deal, only he didn't go far enough.<br />
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The New Deal created jobs for people struggling with the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. The Civilian Conservation Corps employed thousands of people to build roads, campgrounds, and other public facilities, including many of our State Parks. Many of these are still used today.<br />
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It was a welfare project of sorts, but it paid people to work and not just sit around and collect unemployment benefits like today. It also pulled this nation out of the Depression by making sure people had money in their pockets. We were well on the road to recovery before WWII happened.<br />
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In case you haven't noticed war usually puts people to work. In the case of the Illegal Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan, the only people who got rich on those wars was the greed of the military industrial complex. The wars didn't put people to work or a chicken in every pot, the wars just looted our treasury along with the greed of the Bush administration and Wall Street. That's why we're in the shape we are in today. Someone has to fix it.

I don't know where you got your facts about FDR's new deal working because it didn't it made things worse and made the depression last longer. The new deal was a bad deal. Read something other than what the schools are teaching our children in school.

My version was kinder and gentler.

Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains. by Winston Churchill.

PND, You don't have your facts straight. Bush inherited a surplus from the Clinton Administration. You can complain about this stimulus package all you want. I didn't hear you people complaining about the Financial Company bailout! Talk about pork and heaping a mess on the American people!<br />
What President Obama is trying to do is emulate what FDR did during the great depression. It is a proven fact that it worked then. We can only hope it can work again under the conditions of the mess that Bush et al left us in! They were a greedy bunch of bastards! All of those republicans voted against the bailout but those greedy red state and republican Governors are holding their hands out waiting for their slice of the pie. It's disgusting. If their Representatives and Senators voted against it, the states shouldn't get any of the money, period! Also, it's too bad you didn't pay attention in school so you could spell better.<br />
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And Puck, your comment is just plain asinine and doesn't make a bit of sense!

A person under thirty who is not a Democrat has no heart. A person over 40 who is not a Republican has no sense.

You gave Clinton a good ole pat on the back. And the same with Obahma. First let me say this. I don't like Bush nor Obahma. What you should do is get your facts straight. First Clinton and what he did while he was in office is what has created the economic problems we are in now. the banks could get money from the gov. to cover houysing loans. Not a bad thing but he let them just run with it. It has taken until now for it to catch up with us. That was on Clinton not Bush. As far as Obahma goes. Because of the republicans he has 783 billion dollars instead of over a trillion. Also his people point blank said the jobs they will create will not be give to white american construction workers. Just type in white american construction worker then go to the u tube that comes up. Obahma's first public speech as president was not to the american people but to the arab nations. Even now Obahma can not garentee his plan will work. Why. Because it is a spending plan not a stimulas plan. Do the research and see for yourself. Obahma is already wanting to raise the federal tax on gas by 23 cent a gallon. We are already taxed to death so he wants to add more on our backs in an economic crisis. He also wants to do away with oil exploration in the U.S.A. If the Gov. got off there ***** and let us get the oil we have we could be the next opec. Think about all those billions of dollars and what they could do to help our economy. Don't get me wrong we need to go green for sure. But that is still years down the road and gas is not the only thing we get from oil. Years of billions of dollars to our economy. I sure Obahma sees that as a bad thing. There is more I could say. But I am going to stop here with one last thing. No President can do anything unless congress and the senate let them. Yet the president is the one that gets the blame or the pat on the back. Think about that.