i think he is happy he is not president anymore as well.  my thing with former president bush goes back years, back to 2000.  i was shattered.  i voted for gore three times.  he is the reason i could vote for clinton with a good conscience.  it was gore.  i've tried to put that behind me.  but in 2004 the thought was 'please not again'.  but it happened again. 

it is very difficult to not point fingers.  it is.  i'd like to avoid talking about what a terrible job he did, or that he didn't do his job at all.  whatever.  don't want to play the blame game.  what's done is done.  and now we all have a big mess to clean up.  stop blaming and get to work right? 

i'm glad he is no longer president because for one i never wanted him as my president in the first place.  two: i think he stopped wanting the job a long time ago.  it is a job.  all of our elected officials are supposed to be doing a job.  and the office of the president must be one of the most difficult jobs to ever do.  i can't pity bush because i am probably too bitter, too angry, too tired, too whatever to feel sorry for him.  but i will not tip my hat to him for his 'efforts'.  i will not say he did his best.  i can't.  i hope the former prez lives a happy life on his ranch or whatever.  and i am happy he is not president anymore.  estatic actually.  because i have hope that things can change now.  even if you don't think the president has a lot of power, i think we now have a real leader who wants to work, who wants to roll up his sleaves and get things done.  i cried on inauguration day.   it was a relief.  point fingers, blame one another, do whatever.  i'd rather try to change this country for the better and be able to say i am an american proudly and not with a disclaimer that apologizes for my leader(s).  they are supposed to be working for me and my fellow citizens.  they volunteer for these positions.  they volunteer to lead.  they hold a responsibility to us, not vice versa.  it is a thankless job.  and since i don't think a lot of people are thanking former president bush for the job he did, he is probably better off no longer in office anyway. 

i really am trying to be kind here... trying trying trying.

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