Bye Bye Bush

When Bush was established as president, I knew it was all over for me. Every time a republican has been elected president I lost my job, this time at least I was able to retire. I can not wrap my head around how the working class can be duped into thinking some one like Bush would do any thing for "Joe six pack" except send his kids off to war. If what the Maya say about 2012 turns out to be right maybe it wont matter. If...on the other hand, we continue as a nation. Then what scares the hell out of me is how quickly people for get what the last guy did and elect another one. Regan was a charmer and could coax a bird down from a tree, but what was suppose to trickle down to us working folks was not even a dribble. People were appalled about the morals of Clinton and said he wasn't a good role model for children, don't have go to the white house for that kind of corruption. Teachers in our schools seem to have that covered, we have a new scandal every week. Where were these gals when I was in school? (smile) I'll teach my kids right and wrong, thats my job, not the presidents. Just keep me working and our country our of war.

zeak zeak
61-65, M
Mar 18, 2009