My Natal Female Friends

First off I want to thank everyone of my genetic sisters who have so kindly, and graciously allowed me to be a part of your lives,  I can't say THANK YOU in a big enough way to to really let you know how very much you all mean to me.
When I first came here to the Experience project,I would never have dreamed in all my days that any of you would become my friend or even give me a second thought,I assumed incorrectly that you would look upon me as just another thrill seeking cross dresser,out to find some deviant sexual experience,I assure you this is not the case with me what I seek through a life time of pain is to be one of you.
For a time in my life I thought I hated you all for being born with what I so desperately wanted,you were born women and didn't have to suffer like I did wanting to be one all my life and not understanding why I was so cruelly born in the wrong body and forced for most of my life to live as someone my mind said I wasn't.
After becoming friends with many of you I began to realize  just being born a woman doesn't automatically give you a free ride to happiness,you lady's suffer everyday just as I do to be respected and revered,you were not as I wrongly assumed given a free pass in life,John Lennon wrote a song called woman is the ****** of the world,I don't like that word at all as I am not in the least little bit racist,but I guess he used it to point out how wrongly you all are treated in life.
As I grew up I look back at my life now and realize I was always hanging out with the women at family events and gatherings,because in my mind that's where I belonged.So I guess you all started teaching me things at a young age,even though I didn't at the time understand what was going on in my life I just knew I wasn't normal some how.
During the times I was forced to be a man I learned how distasteful men's thoughts about women are, I heard them say very disrespectful things about you and just cringed all the while thinking how could they be so cruel.
During my time here on EP I  have been so lucky to have found a lot of very wonderful lady's who have welcomed me with open arms and have helped change the way I think putting me on a path that has enriched my life in so many ways,you have taught me great humility,how to be kinder softer in my ways more caring and understanding,and so very much more about being the true woman I wish to be in life,Along with this gift you have all given me I feel it also comes with a great responsibility to carry myself   properly in life and not bring shame to you and all you have so cordially given me. Thank you all for making me One of you, and for your understanding of how I have struggled like you in life.While I still don't have all that you have in life I certainly have more than I had before I met you all,I will continue to seek the changes in my body that I feel will make me whole one day,but for now I'm thankful in many ways for all you are teaching me about life.

Yours Shelle
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1 Response May 25, 2012

You see Shelle! I looked at this story you wrote! And it was intensely heart felt! It mimics my own feelings, as you well know! Any Natal woman, after reading this would be happy to try and understand us and our plight! As seems to be the case with "DecorationOnHisArm " And by the way, I commend you on this story! But HERE is my problem. Here we are struggling to be accepted by Society, trying to come to terms with our own femininity. Decoration's statement was kind, beautiful and accepting to all of us. Then along comes some idiot, that has to show their profound intelligence and say this "Heck; why be one when you can be both. A slutty girl with a ultra sanitary ***** & swingin too. Hoooeeeeeee. I'd tap Shelly girl or she could tap me too" What a disgusting and deplorable statement to post on this story!<br />
<br />
I have a question? Do Natel women typically go around and say I am a ****, & swinging too, I'd tap Shelle or she could tape me! Point is Every Village has their disgusting idiots! If I was you, I would delete that comment, because It broke up the purpose and flow of your story..............................Jamie Lee

I agree with Jamie on this point. To find that comment in the middle of what had been a constructive story and comments

Thank you very much for supporting me. I have seen many a wife, who is trying to come to terms with their Husband being a cross dresser or trans. When they see this kind of trash, they think we all, are just as disgusting!

Awe! Shelle Bean! You see sweetheart how wonderful acceptance of us can be........That was a great story!

The transponder............