I am so very happy with the direction my life is going now. Finally it feels like everything is falling into place for me! There was a time in my life where everything fell apart and since then I had to learn how to rebuild after losing everything. Finally I am in a place in my life now where I am happy and am enjoying the day, I suffered with depression in the past, and now I look forward to every new day that life brings to me. I will be 40 in 2 wks and I am so ready for my 40's. I remember when I turned 30 I hated it, In my 20's I was raising my children, I went from being a stay-at-home-mom to a non-custodial-mom in the blink of an eye after leaving my abusive ex-husband with my children. I survived it. I attempted suicide and was saved by a divine intervention (thats what the doctors called it) and I survived it. I lost custody of my children because of it and went through a very long drawn out divorce and custody battle and I survived it. After I lost custody, I struggled with alcohol and so I decided to do something about it and put myself in rehab, and I survived it. I have my daughter back in my life again and we are growing together after her father gave her up to me. I am a survivor! I am blessed to have this life that God has given me. I have been through many struggles but I survived and it only made me stronger! I am proud of the person I have become, I am a strong, independant, confident, women! After I used to be broken, and ashamed but I picked myself up and brushed myself off and just kept on going. I always felt like I was climbing a mountain trying to reach the top and everytime I get halfway up, I get knocked down and had to start all over again and so I did. Now I feel like I am on the top of that mountain....I feel like I finally made it! Life is Good, I am so very blessed to have the people in my life who have been there for me through it all...I am blessed to have this life and I am happy. I dont have much....just a one bedroom apartment with my daughter I dont have a car so I walk to my destination, I have a new job to look forward to working with the elderly, I dont have a man to take care of me, because I dont need one, I can do it on my own and that makes me happy, that I can stand on my own two feet. Life is soo good!
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Well said! Awesome view on life!

I'm so glad things are going well for you. We all deserve to be happy in our lives.

Thank ya Redneckmom... and yes we all deserve to be happy!

You've come along way and should be so proud of yourself :)

Well done! I hope your life continues to get better and better!

Thank you...I surely hope so :)

Now you need to find a wonderful man who will love you like you have never experienced or dreamed before. Good luck, take care