She Deserves It

I had gotten into a very deep relationship with an online friend.  Now I am just hated by her, when she left her husband and found another boy toy to play with, but it's all my fault, because I told her in one conversation all she wanted to hear, was that it was ok to leave her husband.  That's all I am to her now, when in every other conversation we  had.  I told her she needed to talk to her husband.  She didn't want to hear it that or do it. 

I need help dealing with the adultery committed and her lack of belief she did anything  wrong. 

HurtHeart HurtHeart
31-35, M
1 Response Aug 18, 2007

She sounds like she has no capacity for taking responsibility for her actions. <br />
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It may be that there is no way back to a friendship with her, but if you facilitated her heart's true desires then I do not think you can be considered deserving of any blame.<br />
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Her lack of maturity is her own problem.<br />
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But it is also, in my opinion, not for you to judge her for actions, or her immaturity. If you did counsel her, even just once, that she should leave her husband, then it is the mature thing to do to accept this as the consequence.<br />
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We all live and learn :)