Subliminal Messages In Disney Movies! Haven't Heard? Youtube/subliminal Messages In Disney Movies

I can't believe what i'm seeing. I went to youtube today because a friend of mine told me that he had heard there were sexual subliminal messages in disney movies and i didn't believe it but i went to see for myself and sure enough there it was. In lion king they have the word sex hidden all over in different scene's and in alladin they say very faintly "all good teenagers take off your clothes". If you go to and in the search box type subliminal messages in disney movies you will see these scenes and so much more.  I just watched aladdin and the lion king and i have witnessed it, no lie! If you don't believe me look for yourself. I have the vcr tapes not the dvd's and it's on there so watch them if you have them or find someone you know that has them. I looked it up on youtube and compared it to the actual tape and it was there. I can't belive it i am so hurt and violated. This is a warning to parents please look for yourself this is the real deal!

BellaBeauty09 BellaBeauty09
18-21, F
Feb 27, 2010