Is It Impatience Or Ocd?

I cant tell.. If its impatience or my OCD that kicks in when things just are not going, doing, getting done as fast as i want them too. Everyone does it too slow, not the right way, or just plain wrong. I sound like a persistant whiner and nothing makes me happy when this happens. It really stresses me out to the point i begin screaming at everyone about everything, but honestly I think its my OCD. I dont want to use it as an excuse but I like things a certain way , in a certain spot, and dont move it if you cant put it back the way you found it or all hell will break loose. Yet I am a the messiest person in the world LOL

UGH where do you begin to even figure out which it is???

PaganSilverDrgn PaganSilverDrgn
41-45, F
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

You have a point I guess.. but I knew that already LOL