Omg I feel like this every day

Like a fizzy drink inside about to fizz
Out over the top !!!

Sometimes I scream because I'm so in love I simply can't get my frustrations out !!

I love the way there is always a morning text waiting for me
And how we can talk on the phone for hours
I love how when I ask you to grab me
Pint of milk and you come round with chocolates wine and cake :)

I love your smile it takes my worries away
Your care and ability to drop everything for
Me when I have a problem is constant

Love my imperfections and make me
Feel wanted

When you
Me I disappear into another world
When we make
Love it blows
My mind

When you touch me I feel protected
And sends tingles
All through inside
Of me

We laugh so much and
Look at each and we know
We just know !! Lol

We fall
Asleep in each other's arms and wake and tell each other out crazy dreams

You leave notes in my car !

I would die for my man

I breathe for him

Iam in total pure beautiful love
Lost0808 Lost0808
31-35, F
Sep 1, 2014