Im So Lost:(

So my boyfriend just left for basic training yesterday and went to fort sill, oklahoma. I am so confused on this whole situation. I have honestly like checked my phone every 2 minutes. I have no idea what to expect or when i will hear from him. anyone have advice:) its much needed!!!!!
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You have to remember that he is going to be with a whole bunch of boys who have no idea what is going on and he will get lonely. He will call whatever chance he has. Make sure you keep busy and just support him all that you can. Take cute pics and when you write him send him them. Or draw up something cute. Every happy thing you send will put a smile on his face. Remember he is working super hard so DON'T get mad at him if it takes a day or two, he is just as scared and lonely as you are. :)

Hang in there girl, you will hear from him the very first chance he gets! My love just left for South Korea two weeks ago and he calls me every chance he gets. Just know he is thinking of you(: <br />
He needs all the support he can get! I know exactly how you feel. He will be in South Korea for a year): But he is hoping his christmas leave is approved, which would be amazing. <br />
If you have any questions or anything at all, don't hesitate to ask!<br />

aw yes ur right.. im staying positive for him! and i understand where ur coming from.. everything will fall into place!!

I am still confused about that part. I would love to do that it's just i have a life here right now. Trying to get my own degree and all. Im debating weather i should finish my degree here first than move to him (it will take me another 3 years) Or move to where he is and find a college there. What would you do in this situation? It's extremely tough.<br />
<br />
And well at least you have some positive things to think about. I know its hard he has left. But at least he has, and as soon as you know it. It will be all over with! Plus you know that when he is done with his schooling you will get to be with him! Those are always uplifters

i havent talked about that yet. hes still just in basic training. but when he is done schooling we are planning to live together. what about u?

The air force. Are you thinking about moving to where he is? Or haven't talked about that yet?

yea hes going to mississippi from january until march:/ what branch is yours going into?

He hasn't been able to call for the address call yet? I feel that the phone call should be coming soon. Or something. I can't exactly say i know what it feels like. So i feel i cant say much to help. But i can try. I am going to be going through this soon as well. Is he going to tech school after he is done too? That's what my boyfriends going to be doing. It seems that we are going to be in the same situation.

He left yesterday morning and i cried all day! He comes back december 17 but only for like a week and then he leaves again:( I just cant wait to hear from him! I miss him so much already and its only been a day!

I am about to be going through the same situation. I feel that we need to just be strong for them. And keep busy. I think its going to be hardest the first couple weeks but soon will get use to it. I am not looking forward to this but I always think. The sooner he goes, the faster he comes back.