Moving Forawrd

Well, We have choosen to get married May 25th, && I'm moving to KY the middle of July. There is so much going through my head, and so many questions I want to ask. He is doing everything, finding us a place to leave. When I say everything I MEAN everything, I feel sooo lost and out of the loop. I mean he keeps me up to date with everything. But I just feel so lost and helpless because I'm not there. All my friends think I'm crazy and try talking me out of it and say a bunch of stuff about it. It really hurts me, because they are suppose to be my friends and stand behind me. But they don't understand what its like.
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Aww i hope everything goes as planned for you two:) dont let your friends stop you from doing what you want to do because thats the life you have choosen and i know that if they are the ones going tru it they would want u their supporting them not telling them they crazy for wanting to make a family and be happy beside your man best of luck for u and him:) Im engaged to my soldier and i really cant wait to be with him all the time <3 Congrats

Thanks a bunch :D Yeah We were together for awhile before he went into the Army, then he broke it off because he was leaving, and it broke my heart. But then we reconnected and were together for a little before deciding all of this. Then when I flew out to see him this past weekend, he purposed to me in the air port when he picked me up and then we got married at twelve that same day. I couldn't be any happier, But I'm very stressed out right now living in a different state, and tryin to get our lives started.

Awww congrats girl:) and yeah i know how hard it is.. my fiance is just 3.5 hrs away from me and even tho hes close it feels like we are in different sides of the world:'( but we have to be trough have faith and trust because ntn will work out if we dont trust them or have faith in the relationship.. Im happy your happy and dont stress to much its bad for you and it doesnt take you anywhere. Telling you from experience bc im always stressed:)