What Do I Do?

 I met a guy at a party, he got my number and we hung out the next day. That was 3 weeks ago.. and i have spent every day, every free moment with him. We are already deep in love and for once i know i have found the one. Yet the very thing that attracted me to him now worries me soo much. Being in the army was at first a very sexy feature to me. Although it still is.. it comes with alot of mixed emotions. I am so proud of him for standing up for his Country.. but i am sooo afraid to loose him. I try to cherish every waking moment with him because I know i'll have to say goodbye soon.. i dont know what else to do... I have traded in my pearls for his dogtags..

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2009

it is verry difficult. I am hopefully pregnant but im facing my pregnancy with out my fiance. All you can do is surround your self with people who understand what your going through & try to stay close to his family. try to find other army girlfriends or spouses that live near you & try to go do something sometimes with them and try to get involved with the local army reserves. I go do volunteer work there & it helps me feel closer to him in a way

What do you do? There is nothing you can do but control yourself. When he leaves, you're going to be working on your own state of mind. If he truly is the one, you can make it work. Sure, being in the army may give a guy sex appeal, but you have to know that this is one of the hardest things a couple can go through together. I know there are worse things, but I haven't experienced any of them. Understand first that the military is his wife and you are the mistress. Once you understand that, you will understand how this relationship has to work. This support group is here when you need it, but for now, enjoy the time you have left with him.

that is sooo true. he hates when I say I feel like hes married to the army & I feel like a mistress he always replys with "but I gave you my dogtags & I put the rock on your finger . . . not the whole dang army!" it always makes me feel special :)