He Said I Love You

OMG the best thing happend Sunday, March 1. My army boyfriend said I love you! Its the first times the words have been exchanged, or expressed to each other. I was actually bartending reall late at the time and i missed a call from him. He left a voicemail which I checked on my break, and it was a message of him singing, Good Morning Beautiful..how was your night my.." this semi-old country song.

It was the sweetest thing and something I NEVER expected, hes amazing sweet guy but I didnt think he had that in him. ; ) Anyways I called him immeditaly after I heard it and thats when he said it, "sorry for taking so long to figure this out but im ready to say it now, I love you"

My heart has been skipping a beat since.

He comes home next weekend. The first time Ive seen him since Sept, 08. And since we become "official" the end of january.  I cant wait to atleast send the summer together before he's deployed for up to 12 mo.

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1 Response Mar 13, 2009

awww that is so sweet!!! my bf had just got on his airplane to go to IN for training before he leaves and he was waiting for them to tell him to turn his phone off and he perposed to me. i would totally do it but i want him to ask me in person and not in a text. <br />
i dont know y i just went into all that but if u want anyone to talk to im here. i dont really have anyone so im more then willing to talk and listen.