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"if You Only Knew"

I heard this 'alternative' song on the radio tonight. I think the 'artist' is 'Shinedown' (who I dislike like because of the lyrics in one of their other "hits"-- Incidentally 'hits' is of course an anagram for a four letter word your mother won't like-- But that's not the point of this post). Anyway, -this song- so made me think of you.

Love. I don't know what you think of me because of this annoying flaw of yours where you don't ******* communicate. As a result I have to -guess what you are thinking-. I -tell you- what I think. You owe me that same respect. If the answer is you don't like me than I want you to know I will always love you and I will change almost anything to get your love back.

I don't normally do this. When a human walks out of my life, I just usually think "**** You" and eat the loss, however bad it might me. And I have my objects. You just have no idea what you mean to me. If a woman could make me make hetero my primary sexuality again, this person would be you.

I don't know "why" so don't ask. It's just something I feel.

And then we have our friendship to think about. I do not unfriend people I love. Atleast talk to me as adult (After all, you so want to think you are one) so we can both mutually deal with our issues and be happier as a result.

You and I belong together in some way... Don't mess this up. And don't judge/peg/write me off as whatever negative thing you assume I am cause I've been alive a lot longer than you and you are trying to judge me from experiences you haven't had yet.

Please talk to me. Talking to me is the first step to fixing this. We've been extremely patient with each other. There's a reason we fought to protect all this. Let's not stop now. Let's not lose what we fought to protect. If you think this isn't worth saving, then this is a big misunderstanding on your part...
lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 Jan 23, 2010

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