My Tiger.....

I've been searching for love my whole has been the great quest of my existence.   I have known love before, and even thought I found the real thing , a couple of times.  But, my cherished treasure, YOU are the answer...the one who makes all make sense....the one who makes all that came before, worth going through.  I cannot regret anything that came before..for it all led me straight to you, my darling!   You possess the power to calm finally let me rest, my dream assured.  There are no words that could adequately express what you mean to me, baby.  I melt from your kisses, thrill to your embrace, and am enraptured by our lovemaking.  I've never known a man who was so unafraid to be in love..and to show it.  You honor me with your love, my dearest...I am so very much in love with you....not the man I want you to be, but the man you are.  You are everything to me, sweetheart...I love you endlessly...and eternally.    IKILYBIMY-ITIDYIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!<br />
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You should be so lucky to be Tiger!!! He's one HELL of a man!!! LOLOL