i am a single mother. i am also in the military. because i am surrounded by nothing but men everyday, i kept myself very sheltered. i didn't do much with any of the guys from work at all. i saw them at work and then i went home to my son. my son and i would do everything by ourselves. every outting we made was just us. and i thought we loved that. his father is back at home. he was very abusive to me and neglected our son, so my son no longer has contact with him. my point is, my son and i lived in our own little world. then one day we had a new guy at work. he was funny and very outgoing. i didn't think twice about it though. we quickly became "at work friends" like i was with a lot of the guys.  one day a few days after he got there i had to bring my son to work. i was amazed at the connection my son had with this guy. and this guy treated my son like he had known him forever. later that week he asked me if the 3 of us could go on a chuck e cheese date. i beat myself up about it because i wasn't sure if i wanted to bring a man i didn't know very well into my son's life. but i finally agreed, figuring one trip to chuck e cheese can't hurt.  well, thid guy and i grew closer and closer. he awakened feelings in me that i never thought could exist. our relationship grew very strong very quickly. although we both swore we didn't want a relationship, we eventually stopped fighting the title. that's basically all we were fighting because we were living as though we were in  a relationship. i can't even put into words what this man has done for me and my son. we thought we had a good life, but he makes it wonderful for both of us. my son loves him to death and i've never seen him have such a positive relationship with a male figure. i am so in love with this man.
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I'm so happy for you and glad to hear you and your son found someone to make life that much better :) you three have my best wishes

Any man can be a father. it takes someone special to be a dad.<br />
I'm happy for all 3 of you.

Awesome! Accept your destiny and seize your own happiness!

Hhhmmm.. nice story, so..what's the problem?? Your son found the father image that he has longed for. Why would you let a good love be wasted. You know more coz it's u who's there.