Never Thought That It Was Possible Again

It all happened a little strange. First of all I was madly in love seven years ago and it didn't work out. I thought I'd never find another woman that I could love. I dated many many women and even lived with some but always was in love with a woman from seven years ago. That woman was very remarkable. She was gorgeous, smart, wealthy, ambitious, atheletic, and please note had an unsual tail bone. Then Patti came into my life. Had known her for a couple of years. She was one of a large circle of people I know. Patti is married and I know her husband from the same circle of acquaintences. I had heard that her marriage was essentially over so while my girlfriend was away I spent some time with Patti. We had never really talked before. I had made it known through a common friend that I was intererested. (I always found her attractive but that alone isn't enough). So we arranged to talk at a party. Part of the way into the conversation I found that she was remarkable. She handled herself so well that she got my attention. We went away from the party to my home. She would not allow my advances but we did hold each other and I guess you could say "make-out". She smelled wonderful and I realized right at the time that I was falling in love. There was an energy that I've never experienced. It was electrifying. She had the same qualities of the woman from seven years ago so I then thought "does she have a strange tail bone?". Indeed the strange thing is that Patti has a wierd tail bone. I don't understand what is going with the tail bone and all that. I don't care. I fell in love. My gitlfriend couldn't handle it so she left. Patti has since moved away from her husband. For a while we've been a secret. It has been almost half a year now and it is just coming out that we are together. I don't want anybody else. The woman from seven years ago has faded from my memory. Patti has taken steps to get a divorce. We are talking about getting married.
jrhende6 jrhende6
46-50, M
Jan 23, 2013