loneliness is one of the most painful emotions :( if someone rings me i jump and run to them so they no longer feel the pain but when i feel this way.in so much pain so much darkness i have no one who will come over or invite me over to them.i feel so used and betrayed.i feel luck such a fool.such an idiot.i hear and listen to my friends dramas and do all i can to help them but they only want me to smile when they feel better and do not want to listen to me.some of my friends think they know lonelinees but truely do not know what its like. i am sick and tired of this heavy pain and darkness around me.i might just drown in my pool of tears so i will no longer feel such emotion :(
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Angel - I hear you, and I'm hearing two things: your frustration with others who are not helping you when you really need it, and some underlying challenge that you are facing in your life that is causing the distress, stress, or anxiety you are feeling. I can't fix other people's reaction to your subtle requests for assistance, but I'm listening and would like to help. Running away, even for a short while can be useful if what you need is time to sort things out or make a difficult decision. I've done that and it works to get away, sit by yourself and face a hard choice that you have been putting off. But the associated anger you have - justified as it is against the goons who are not helping you - is best left for another time. Building valued and valuable friendships is a tough process and requires maintenance. It is tough when you learn the friendship that you thought was deep and mutual is one-way and shallow, with you on the short end. But now you know. Learn and move on.

when you are so alone you just want to disappear.not even wanting your own company. i will runaway to some where warm soon it is cold where i am.away from my day to day drama.a time to sit with my thoughts in the sun.away from those who wish to change me and only realise what they have in me as a friend when i tell them goodbye.

thank you for your comments i agree with you all.good friends are hard to find.friends are like stones.everywhere but true friends are like diamonds precious and rare.

I feel that way too....

i have been through that too. It 's hard to make "real" friends. Friends that will be there for you not just have you there for them. it's a two way street. Most see it as a one way street. ( always going there way! ) such a shame . You are not alone & i doubt very seriously that it's your fault. The world is just full of ****** people . The nice ones need to carry a umbrella & wear high boots to keep it off them. :-) Cheer up . You Are not alone. If you ever want to talk.... I m sure there are many of us on here that would love to chat & be cyber friends with you.

both my family and friends are like that which leaves me thinking there is something wrong with me

Your not alone I care. I understand what you mean about some people they are self absorbed. I'm not like that with my friends nor are they with me. Guess I'm lucky, but my family is like that its all about them>

hello :)



You know i do know what your going through.<br />