Lonely Senior

i,m a 76 year old senior who would just love to have a big hug every day. i,m a single male who lives in prescott valley arizona,and would love to get married again.
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Marriage is always a great life experience if you find someone. But don't set that event as your only possible goal to address the feeling of loneliness. There are other ways to build a connection - or several connections - with other people. You have started one good one by reaching out here and sharing your thoughts. You may look for ways you could be more connected to people there in your area, by volunteering, joining a group or taking a class. All of these are just opportunities to meet and then connect with others. Sometimes those connections build over time into strong relationships. Sometimes you meet your future wife.

I can,t say marriage is the answer to loneliness, but talking to people on this site helps a lot

I love to see seniors with little children so maybe you can find out where you can volunteer your time doing something.

hi thank you for respondig to my story. best wisches to you. sam

Im sure someone out there waiting to hug someone like you... Its not too late to find that someOne..