Just A Small Warm Hug From Her Will Take Out All My Pain

I am the life saviour, motivator, best friend in many people’s life; I even risked my life saving people, money some times and was insulted for nothing. But still I was with them till the last moment until they leave me, finally I am all alone like always. Some girls even specially said " I take care of them more than their parents do ", I did everything which I could do to whoever i know without expecting anything in return, But they forget me just like this, Interesting point is I used to bring out people from depression which is very difficult job to do. I have been fighting with really worse other things which i can’t say in here and still hoping for good time or at least normal life from many years but haven't seen any change in life.

Since from my child hood i never asked god anything for myself, i always used to pray god for others and said please share my luck to them and ready to face any challenge in life even after many hard times, But for first time i just asked only one wish "not to take away my girl friend" who is my best friend and everything, but even she left me. She is really a nice person, but...

I lost almost everything in life and she was only one was left in my life; i really don't want to loose here because she is the only reason in my life that makes me want to live. I am still waiting for her counting each and every second, I take her name million times in a day, i talk to myself thinking she is next to me, sleepless nights, starving, sometimes I feel death is easier than this pain and I have been through even that phase before falling in love with her.

Trust me guys I used to take care of her and love her like a baby, now imagine loosing someone their own baby.
nadooda nadooda
May 6, 2012