Talking And Things

I spoke with her and finally got enough courage to ask her if she has a man in her life. She has a kid so I really didn't wanna get my hopes up, but she'd never spoken about a guy before & we're so comfortable around each other too.

We've hung out a couple of times, since her beautiful kid was born, & on these occasions it felt like we only had eyes for each other. I'm not much at flirting but it felt very comfortable with her, I did feel there was a connection. More than I can say for my other meetings with the opposite sex.

But when I asked her she confirmed what I kinda suspected: that she's still with her kids dad. Its a long distance relationship, & the guy is someone she says she wanted for a long time, I wouldn't want something like that to spoil for her.
beloe beloe
22-25, M
May 17, 2012