Defined By It.

i am alone and lonely but why should i be defined by the people around me, i have connections of course so am not that lonely real loneliness is when you have no emotional connection to nay other human being. i want to live in an isolated rural area with none maybe just one good neighbour. i feel overwhelmed by being around people , where i live its densely populated and noone comes to my house but the neighbours get plenty of people around, i feel my loneliness could be helped by not being around others where i live being away from people because i measure my loneliness by other people. i like being alone and of course i need an emotional connection with people, and of course i should not withdraw from society completely but i only need that one significant other and a neighbour , and hopefully in the future my daughter , apart from that yes i am so lonely but its okay what can i do this is how my life is i just obviously do not attract a lot of people...
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May 24, 2012