Lost In The Mist Of Our Lifes To Be Found Once Again.

Lost deep within the clouds of this lifes storm and with hate and lies filling the air.
As a slow fall starts into the dark pit of despair.
The fog chokes my lungs full of my memories over flowing and
it leaves me little place to run from this nightmare which keeps on going.
To the end of which there is no end and only to fall or to fly.
As the darkness that consumes me makes me sigh.
But now I look up with a light that shines in on my wet, weather beaten face and now I walk away from this place.
Happily looking up to a clearing sky and with
my wings that had once been tied shut are opening up wide.
The sky once a home, now becomes a home once more.
The edge of sight only blocking what could be truely coming to adore.
Lift these feet from where they used to be bound
and let my wings flowing be the only sound.
Lost in the mist of life to be found once again
and now this is where i must make an end, truthfully only to truly begin.
KnightOfGod KnightOfGod
Jan 11, 2013