I Am So Lonely

I have a few good friends... left !! I have lost a lot of them over the years through bad choices and life styles. The few that remain I have known almost all of my life yet we really don't have a of things in common that make us warrent getting together on a frequent basis. Somethimes I am so lonely. I don't "hang" out in clubs or peoples houses so my whole life is home and work. I recently ended a 7 year relationship so I have no man in my life. Any suggestions on how to fill the void? 

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

hi there,<br />
im feeling lonely too. i did go for a walk, but still, im alone. im walking alone..<br />
<br />
i pretty much dont know what to do with my situation. i feel like quitting job and go back to my hometown where my family is..

Get busy, go for walks, to church. Make small talk with people you see. Volunteer if you can on the weekends or at least a few hours of your time. Keeping busy, staying at home all the time gets boring and stale. Get out and enjoy life!