Drugs And Love?

*sigh* I dont know what to do. I am so lost. I want to help my ex...but i know i cant. i want to stop feeling for him, but it's hard todo because i'm so deperate for love. i'm only 16...but i want it soooo bad. i have never been loved in anyway by anyone and that does **** to a person. so when i find someone that i like i want to do all i can to make them happy. see, my ex and i only broke up because my parents forbid me to see him (he was a bad influence)...and we still talk. we're still friends...but he's into heavy drugs and even dealing. :( i want desperately to help him, but at the same time i dont want anything to do with him. its so hard.
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You said exactly the truth. You can't do a thing. You are 16, not even an adult. How would you ever be able to care and reform a drug addict? You need to worry about algebra and your SATS, then get an education in drug addiction and the effects and rehabilitation, once you have your degree, in 6 more years, then you can revisit this guy.

Seeing this was written a long time ago... hoping you will come and update us, I went through the same thing when i was 16, i am not with the guy now, and he is still the same..

I believe that every drug addicts take drugs to induce euphoria, which gives them a short lived relief. The relief and euphoria is caused by the rise of dopamine level. If you really want to help you ex just try to find the cause of his emotional pain... It's clear that you still harbor affection for your ex. Don't forget that you have a life ahead of you.

don't worry, you will be loved too for who you are. just don't give it all away to a guy that goes insane, you can do better, right? don't stay with him and end up in the gutter or something, i'm saying this because i been through a relationship involving heavy drugs and dealing and i also wanted to help, in the end nothing helped but just his own effort to go into rehab. it just won't lead you anywhere<br />
stay strong gyall x peace x

Your only 16, u have your whole life ahead of u. Your boyfriend can only help himself. What he is doing is illegal, sooner or later he will get caught and go to jail. You could be at the wrong place at the wrong time and youll go down to IT JUST ISNT WORTH IT..

its a hard thing to help ppl on heavy drugs and that deal too... wen u start to deal thats a whole new word of ****. and kt is exactly right... i know what its like to be 16 and in love i was ending my first real true love relationship at that age... and it sucked and i'm still not over to this day.. ur better off cutting it off... its trouble and ur parents r 100% right. drop it

You can't force love. You have to wait for the person who will love you back for who you are, not what you do