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I Am Lost And Lonely

I just ended a eight year relationship we were engaged for 5 years I put all my hope and dreams aside for his
I helped him bulid a house and cooked and cleaned and worked a full time job i stopped talking and going out
with friends becaused i loved him so much he became my whole world we broke up six months ago I feel
so broken and lost I have no friends I have no one to share my hurt with my life is just work and sleep i
would love to have friends to laugh and cry with and do things with
kld46 kld46 46-50 3 Responses Feb 9, 2012

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call up some of your old friends, if they were good friends, they will still be there for you

kld46, I am so sorry for your situation. I can truly relate I had this happen to me over a year ago. Lived 5 years with a man, who would not even consider marrying me, and the left me for another :-( I feel Christyna is correct, but I too know it is not easy. It is a grieving and and a mourning, of loosing someone you loved, and cared for. I know grieving is many times reserved for the death of a spouse, family , or loved one. But this type of loss hurts as well. You do deserve better treatment and respect, but sadly enough it does not always happen. I too think you should get some counseling and journey through this with someone who will hear you and allow you to grieve. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am available if you need to talk. I do know of others who will seek to encourage you and help you overcome this heartbreak. Remember you are having normal feelings in an abnormal situation. I know it is causing stress. You need to seek help to manage the stress and feelings. <br />
<br />

I know time heals the heart i am see a therpist about this i am so hearbroken
and the hurt and anger i feel is normal
I will get over it it,s only been 6 months the
wound is still fresh but im not going to lay
down and die because of this thanks for your support

I don't want to be harsh but get over him! He dragged out your engagement that long and then broke up with you? You deserve much better treatment and respect. Maybe get into counseling and work through some issues to find out why you stayed with him for so long. My suspicion is he didn't treat you all that well to begin with.