When You Feel All Alone.

I get them feelings like everyone else, where you just feel alone and like nobody really cares about you. Them moments when people try and make you happy as much as they can but the moment your alone all you can do is think about how much you regret life and your choices already. Sometimes ive felt like the only thing to make life better would be to leave, but then I can see how much death hurts families and friends and if I still have a roof over my head and some people that do care about me then life is worth it. I can't help that im depressed and have anxiety too but at the end of the day I'm the only one who can fix that and I would honestly love to talk to anyone else who feels like this too. I feel some times like there's nobody to talk to about certain things and i just want to be alone ut I'd love someone to talk to 24/7 but i know thats not possible. Maybe one day when im older ill find someone that will make me feel special enough to know theres always going to be someone there for me, maybe, just one day...
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2 Responses Jun 6, 2012

I've totally felt the same way...still do from time to time. I think issues (with people) became more magnified when I started dating someone serious...I feel like all of my friends have their own lives now, and people that they care more about than me. At times, I feel like maybe I'm a little selfish or self-absorbed but yeah, it's hard to NOT be. I also keep expecting more than what my bf gives me, but let's be real, who doesn't want to be treated the best way possible? Anyway, just know that you're NOT alone in how you feel...others may just have different ways of dealing with it. If you ever need an ear, I can lend one. Sometimes I do feel like I just need to TALK and feel connected with somebody, anybody...so yeah.

Sometimes I feel the same as you, absolutely alone. There are many people around me, but I feel I'm nobody because they cannot feel and understand me. Yes this is real world! No one can happy all the time, we all have a sad moment. If you are alone, let recall to your childhood memory or your happy moment. Go to imaginary world for awhile then if you feel better, you will feel ready to encounter all trobles in your heart. Girl...You can be friend with me, then we can share our feeling :)