How Does It Go From the Sweetest Love Making I Have Ever Felt to Nothing?

He and I had just made love.  we talked.  It is so hard to have a long distance relationship. It had felt so good to have him near to me again.  I had to tell him that I was so  lonely.  My female friends all abandoned me, as they always do.  (why are females so cold?)  My only remaining friend is a male.  Of all people, the one who I dumped, so that I could begin to date mi amor.  There is really nothing there, not that there ever really was physically.  But good & genuine people are hard to find.  He comes by sometimes to check on me.  I feed him occaissionally, he listens.  I assured mi amor that he was the only one, I love or could ever love.  That I would never hurt him or betray him or let anything bad ever touch him.  & Without a word, he rose above me and made the most beautiful sensual and tender love I have ever had.  On hind sight it must have been goodbye. he does not return my calls or emails now.  My life is upside down.  I will still move there.  I do not want to be here.  My ex., a custody battle, and an interstate move all on my own.  Mi amor does not believe in my love anymore. I must pay the piper I guess.  and face it all on my own and succeed, so that maybe one day mi amor will see I meant it when I said, I love no matter what and for me there is no other.  If mi amor cannot love me, then no one can. God help me, be strong on my own.
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3 Responses Apr 27, 2007

I believe Love never fails so dont underestimate the power of your love having said that we often dont realize what we have until its gone and later we reflect and maybe in time he will be on same wavelength how long u can wait i guess only u and God knows i have experienced the deep sensual/sexual love u talk about but there were other things that we didnt share so even the powerr of the bedroom was not enough to keep us together so mabeyy its not a good rock to stand on sometimes

if you cant love the one you love then love the one your near,,its better than being alone,,also feels so good,,,

tell me how you are hun. i am worried about you.