Nightmare, That May Never End

its been so long since ive got a decent sleep,
everydream is a nightmare,
tormenting me, scaring me, terrorizing me, into the abyss that leads me to where i am now,
i wake up, when its early night, or late morrow,
and realize that ive not yet come to escape the nightmare,
laying in bed, my hands cover my face,
tears stream down my cheeks, and i scream,
scream, and scream, hoping that it will end.
im loosing my sanity, i need some sleep,
why do these dreams just not go?
its been about a month or two, but longest that i have not had a good dream,
it used to be to where, my dreams were my happiness,
i could dream of good things, when i felt therre were no good things i could see in the world,
but now i see, there is no escape, and it drives me to the pit of insane,
what do i do, where do i turn, i know not what to do anymore,
im so lost,
i thought i had found my way,
but i just realize im just more lost than ever,
my depression does not stop,
it simply grows with no regret,
giving me not even but a moments rest, please let me sleep,
please let me rest,
please let me escape this hellish nightmare fest,
but the peace shall never come,
those thoughts just grow,
and if it werent for my fears, i would have just let go,
but unfortunately, yet so thankful, that this fear will stay,
just to let me play out this game to the last time,
this nightmare, i wonder when it will end,
i wonder, when i will get that moments rest,
because i am growing tired, of these frightfest's,
so i close my eyes, hoping to sleep,
hoping i wont dream of blood and hurt,
hoping that for once i can go to bed without being scared,
and hoping that i will wake up,
not in this nightmare once again alone.
tigra139 tigra139
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012