Starting Over

I am starting everything over. I'm 39 years old, in a new country amd don't know which direction to go. In the last year my business has failed, a colleague called me a "has been", my wife divorced me, I had $235,000.00 of assets stolen and have no legal recourse. I accepted an invitation from an ex-girlfriend to come to the States (San Antonio) and she left for Los Angeles the day before I arrived! I am alone here, have no income to speak of, I cannot get to where I am receiving job offers because of finances and I have absolutely no idea which direction to go to get my life back!
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3 Responses Jul 8, 2008

There isn't much for me to say. I dont know your whole position. I just know that you must make the best of it. Get a job with your previous experience in whatever buisness you ran. Then you can go to college, many adults do so in america. You will just have to start from scratch all over. From Rock bottom you can only go up, but only if you want to go up.

Come on man. I cant help you with the wife thing, about all there is to say about that is "use her as your motivation". Show her what she missed out on.<br />
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As for the money: $235,000, you can recover that in less than 12mths, and still have some change for a real good holiday.<br />
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I lost that much once, and my wife. Facts were I wasnt mature enough to have it, I just couldnt see it back then. The quick answer is to get back on your bike and start moving forward, looking back will slow you down and you could potentially crash again.<br />
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Run with every opportunity that comes your way. Being in the U.S gives you a huge advantage.

I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. I hope that things are better now!