I Don't Know About Luck Having Anything To Do With It...

...(other than perhaps the 40mph Cadillac that hit me on my head when i was seventeen, putting me in a coma for two days, unconsciousness for two weeks, and in the hospital for three months), but considering all the people who've jumped off the major bridges which span the Hudson River in the Southern part of upstate New York whose backgrounds I've read about in our major regional newspaper over the years, i've always - my entire life - had far more reason than any of them to commit suicide. I read last week of a well-respected man who played a major role in the development and management of well-known hip-hop music artists, Chris Lighty, may he rest in peace. His purported worth was thirty million dollars. Immediately following a heated argument with his wife - who later told reporters he owed five million dollars in taxes and was in the process of separating from her and moving out of their house, Mr. Lighty went out on his back patio and shot himself in the head with his 9mm pistol, ending his life. The present net value of my holdings is forty-one cents, and i owe approximately twenty-five thousand dollars in taxes. I have a very good relationship with my family of five kittycats with whom i share my mobile home, but we do have repeated arguments over their constant demand for kitty snacks even though they're never hungry, as well as their repeated excuse for not helpingĀ me with any housework always being that their hands are too small. I also own two pistols. Yet i have no present thoughts of taking my own life.
eleanorssong eleanorssong
56-60, F
Sep 6, 2012