Today. The 20th august is the day i nearly died. Im currently in hospital. I was doing my hair to go to school, and my hairdryer exploded and electrocuted me. I blacked out, and if i wasn't wearing my shoes that had rubber on the bottom of them i would of died instantly.
ReeceV19 ReeceV19
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That's terrible mate.... Hope you have a speedy recovery!

Thankyou. Im doing much better now


Holy **** your a lucky man get better soon

why u need to wear it?

Rubber is an insulator. It'll help to decrease the amount of electricity

Omg hope u recover.

I'm happy that you're alright, now. You might want to thank God that.

That's terrifying! So glad to hear you're alive. Hope you have a safe recovery; take care.

Thankyou ❤️