So my dad goes to work at 6:30 comes home at 8 no later than 10. He comes home and says"what's for dinner" my mom serves his food then he will go watch the news and eat. Sometimes he will say thx. But the thing is that he is always expecting his food to be done. I should also mention my mom is a health nut and can only eat certian foods no wheat, dairy, fruits, sugar, or grains. So only meat eggs, and nuts. But she can eat berries.

So when my mom is asking what to eat my dad says idk make something. While he just sits there and watches tv.

And this is why I'm mad so read closely.
A few years ago my brother was on the computer( don't remember what he was doing). So my dad came up stairs and told him it's late go take a shower. When he want into the shower my dad got on the computer. So in thinking "hey he basically just told him to take a shower just so he could get on the computer". And this other time (a month ago) I was just sitting down eating dinner while watching one of my fave tv shows "life With Boys". Then my mom and dad come sit down. He's eating too. So I'm watching and then dad says " so is she a real singer" I say idk. "Have u seen her on other tv shows" I'm not sure I said. " is she a disney star?" My mom ask no. I start to get Irretated. " is that Madison pettis" my dad ask. Yes I say more irratated. Is she a singer said my mom " do u listen to her music" my dad asked. " I don't know!" I yell. Then my dad says well since your yelling and getting irratated when we ask questions then u won't watch tv" he grabs the remote and goes to the news so I get up and put my plate into the dishwasher then head upstairs. "No come back down her and sit down" says my dad. " I'm just going upstairs "I want u down here" he says " why" I say " because I said so " he says I start to cry a bit " can't u give me a real reason" he ignores me. So I sit down and cover my head with a blanket asking my self what I did wrong.

I'll tell u some more when I get the chance tomorrow tell me if this is fair and what I should do.
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Well, you're grammar isn't so precise so it is much more difficult to understand. But, it sounds like you sort of get irritated at them for asking so many questions for what they see as likely no reason. You should talk to your dad, and tell him why you get so so irritated. Tell him what you can't agree with what he does. You just sort of started yelling at them and blowing up and so they wanted you
to come back. However if you get abused (i'm not saying you are just in case) make sure you tell someone. :) No use being hurt uselessly.