The lights of the city come down on me with a chilly pain like an ether anesthetic.
It's 2 am, it seems I am unable to sleep again tonight.
Your image haunts me every time I close my eyes. I
blink, there you are.
It's come to my attention, that I 'Can' feel.
The numbness that I've felt for so long is gone, where, now, only pain and regret reside.

I've let you down.

I let everyone down.

So in the end i couldn't do it, I couldn't please everyone.
If I knew I would only disappoint you in the end, I would have never done this.
I only meant to help, but things got worse from there.
My heart and mind rest in a dark place, but my intentions are still pure....

How is that? How is it I can still be good? But you're safe now, you're all safe. I'll be with you soon. For everything, comes to an end.
DeadMasterArsenic DeadMasterArsenic
22-25, F
Dec 16, 2012