My Obsession!

I say I have a Pregnancy fetish but really it's an obsession! Ever since I was 18 and lost my first pregnancy I have been obsessed with pregnancy. Losing that pregnancy made me hate the father, it was his fault I lost my baby! When I was 19 I got pregnant again and loved being pregnant just as much if not more then the first time I was pregnant. Just the thought of being pregnant makes me so hot and bothered I just want to jump the first guy that I see. Being pregnant had me wet and wanting all the time. I would jump my son's father all the time and **** him till he passed out! Feeling my son move inside of me, knowing I was pregnant and seeing my belly growing made me horny 24/7 through out my whole pregnancy. I want to pregnant again right now! I want to feel my lover *** inside of me and get me pregnant with his child. I want to feel his child grow inside of me. I want to feel my body growing to make room for the child growing inside of me. I want to feel my lover take me as he feels my growing belly and swollen ****. I want him to keep me "barefoot and pregnant" for years!

I'm sad that I have not been able to find the guy who can make this dream come true. I want 1 guy to keep me "barefoot and pregnant", I want a guy who is just as obsessed about pregnancy as I am. As I am writing this I am crying because this is not my life right now. But just the thought of being pregnant again has left me wet and wanting again.

I live in Florida and I hate the term "Breeding" just so you know!
AngelAndDemon AngelAndDemon
2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

It's a pity you are all the way over in Florida and not here in Australia. I would love nothing more than to keep a girl perpetually pregnant and you sound very much like what i am looking for. Mmmm i love the sight of the pregnant female form and the glow as well as feeling my children developing and writhing in their mothers womb.

Yea sorry i found my guy and married him so he will leave me lol! but thanks for the offer

~ Angel

I guess you want a guy who keeps you pregnant and stays with you.

Making multiple babies.

Yup, that's just what i want.